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We are Marcia & Julie and we created Hypno4Children™ as many of our Hypnotherapy students and graduates asked us where they could find specialist training for working with children. It made sense to us to create this consistent approach based on our many years of working with children. Our practitioners can build a fully bespoke therapy plan for children and teens based on their unique needs. All practitioners listed below have previous training in Hypnotherapy and/or NLP, have taken the Hypno4Children™ training, and passed our exam. Accredited practitioners in addition to passing our exam have also demonstrated their skills through submitting and passing case studies.

We encourage all our practitioners to hold an enhanced DBS certificate through their professional body, please check this with them individually.

Julie Taylor HPD

Location: Online, Graveney, Kent

Phone: 07843 434614

Hi, I’m Julie co-founder of Hypno4Children™ and an enthusiastic champion for empowering our young people to feel secure within their own emotions. Its always a delight and a privilege to work with children, teens and young people to help them learn how our minds work and explore ways that they can safely feel all their emotions, as all emotions are valid, but also help them find ways to self sooth and be able to regulate their emotions when they are overwhelming or uncomfortable and causing undesirable behaviours. Children never cease to amaze me with their imagination, creativity and enthusiasm. I have worked with many children over the years, each individual with their own inner super power and it is incredibly joyful to see them learning new ways of thinking and being, setting the foundations for a healthy emotional life and good mental health. I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP, TFT, IEMT Practitioner and offer an initial 15 free Discovery Call where we can talk through the requirements of your child. Please do get in touch if you’d like to have a chat.

Marcia Tillman HPD

Location: Online, Faversham, Kent

Phone: 07739 263771

As the co-founder of Hypno4Children™ I am passionate about helping children and young people overcome issues, grow in confidence and thrive.  It is such an honour to work with this client group.  Seeing children and young people come into sessions with a variety of anxieties and leaving with a new found calmness and confidence, as well as some wellbeing tools for life is such an amazing feeling! I have many years of experience working with Children aged 5 and up and I bring with me all my experience as a Mum, Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Tapping Therapist and Positive Psychology Coach.

Louise Beck HPD

Location: Ramsgate, Thanet, Kent

Phone: 01843482206

I am Louise, a trained hypnotherapist using a combined therapy approach to help children including TFT, NLP and mindfulness techniques within my practice. I am also a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner.

My passion is to give children a toolbox to be able to cope with everyday emotions, trauma, fears, and cope with the uncontrollable events that can be chucked into our pathway. This passion matches perfectly with the Hypno4Children™ programs!

I have two inspirational daughters who are 7 & 10. I have used many of the techniques with them, to help them to regulate emotions and to start to form their own toolbox. As a parent, I have experienced the pain of watching an ill child, a child who is so upset about attending nursery/school, a child who fears the dark, a child who has frustration from learning difficulties, just to name a few! I believe that children are our most valuable gift and giving them a mindfulness toolkit has become a real passion and is when I come alive!  Helping children to be able to cope with trauma however big or small it seems. For example, a death in the family, exam pressure, dealing with the school bully, and conquering themselves as their own worst critic!

One of my own hero’s is Milton Erickson, he explains that nearly all his patients would respond to stories and metaphors both under hypnosis or not, demonstrating the power of storytelling. This is a theory I have seen work with my own eyes for my children and others. I like to use stories within my practice, and I am very creative working with the child’s own amazing imagination! I offer a free discovery call and look forward to working with you.

Alex River

Location: Online / Oswestry / Shrewsbury / Shropshire Area

Phone: 07868269036

Hello, I’m Alex River a hypnotherapist specialising in Parts Therapy and EMDR. I work online with children and their caregivers plus face-to-face in Oswestry and Shrewsbury in Shropshire. I have a particular interest in working with children from low-income families, looked after children, young people recovering from bullying and children who have witnessed domestic abuse. My focus is in helping children and young people to use their experiences to build resilience, boundaries, and self-management skills by encouraging autonomy and collaboration within hypnotherapy sessions. I’m person-centred and down-to-earth with a twenty-year background of experience in support work with various organisations including: HomeStart, Victim Support, Women’s Aid, Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, and Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service. I have also worked within nurseries and schools, including SEN support. Book a free discovery session via or by going to

Sarah Hedges

Location: South East

Phone: 07766 516773

Hi, I’m Sarah, a clinical Hypnotherapist and Thought Field Therapy Practitioner. I enjoy supporting others through teaching them tools and techniques to help bring around positive change in so many different aspects of life.

As a mum of 3 children, I can see how things such as COVID-19, home-schooling, social media and gaming have impacted behaviour both of parents and the children and understand how challenging this can be to the entire family. I provide a supportive environment for you and your child to work through any issues or challenges that you are experiencing, I keep the focus on the client in terms of what will work and what pace we move at because it’s the client who matters.

The great thing about MINDHACK and StudyCalm is the flexibility to create individual solutions because one size doesn’t fit all and nor should it.

Contact me today for a discovery conversation:

insta @serenity_breathe

facebook Breathe Serenity Therapies

Paula Emmens

Location: Ashford, Kent

Phone: 07494 214673

Hello, I’m Paula and I am a Hypno4children™ practitioner based in Ashford, Kent.

I’m dedicated to helping young people build bright, happy futures for themselves.

Using a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, counselling and coaching techniques, adapted to be easily understood by children and teenagers, I teach them skills which can stay with them as they grow into adulthood and beyond.

In my clinics in Ashford, Canterbury and Faversham, your child can learn simple ways to manage their emotions, build resilience and overcome life’s challenges.

Using a client centred approach, I use examples that your child can connect with to help them understand how their mind works and how they can make small changes to build a positive mindset.

Making sessions as fun as possible, makes it much easier for your child to learn these invaluable life skills.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Joanne Dews

Location: Tamworth, Staffordshire

Phone: 07931 853450

Hello I am Joanne and I am trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and coaching.

I have a 13yr old daughter who has benefited tremendously from hypnosis and if I can help other children of all ages with some of the challenges that face them in today’s society, then that would be wonderful.

Please feel free to call or
Message for more details on how hypno 4 children can benefit your child.

Frances Chandler

Location: Faversham & Online via Zoom

Phone: 07957 571790

Hello I’m Frances. I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, mBIT Coach, Parts Therapist, Tapping and Hypno4Children™ Practitioner.

I Integrate these effective therapies to help children from 5 years old up to young adults at university cope with anxieties and trauma in their everyday lives.

I’m passionate about supporting young people to overcome problems, to flourish, be happy and confident. My approach is warm, client centred, empathic and non-judgemental.

My background is in teaching, plus 25 years’ experience as a therapist for all ages including special needs clients. I understand the concerns and frustrations of young people. As a Mum, I know how bad it feels when your child is unhappy and its impact on family life.

Using the Hypno4Children™ toolbox of techniques with my young family members, I’ve had some great, positive results.

Your child’s sessions will be fun, relaxed and adapted for them to understand easily. Learning how their mind works, how to cope with problems, develop healthy habits. They will take away a toolbox full of coping skills and strategies to use after their session, and during the ups and downs of daily life.

The Mind Hack system is great for children, teenagers and young adults alike blending Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Tapping, Positive Psychology & Coaching.

The Study Calm system helps those who need to enhance their school studies and exam/test performance.

I will use all of my experience to help your child. Please contact me for a free 15-min phone call.  As a Hypno4Children™ Practitioner, I’m here to help you.

Angela Cain

Location: Solihull & Surrounding Areas / Online

Phone: 07393 335228

Hello, I’m Angela Cain.  I specialise in stress and anxiety helping children between the age of 5 years and 18 years. I help with many other issues such as phobias, habits, and exam stress and anxiety, etc.. I am an Associate within a Harley Street practice dedicated as their Child Therapist.

I offer a combination of face-to-face and virtual meetings together with personalised recordings or virtual sessions.  Anxiety has become more and more common both among children and adults especially after experiencing the pandemic these last few years.  Hypnosis allows the root cause to be found giving remarkable life-changing results and allowing one to live the life they deserve to live.

I’m passionate and deeply committed to what I do and feel honoured to be able to help children feel good about themselves.

Please take the time to read the testimonials on my website – they tell the story far better than I can!

Sheba Riches HPD

Location: Online, Ramsgate, Thanet

Phone: 07932 948017

Hi, I’m Sheba and am a qualified Hypnotherapist and TFT (tapping) Practitioner, based in Ramsgate, Thanet.

I am passionate about guiding teenagers and young adults to tap into their own inner resources by teaching them a range of tools and techniques for their mental wellbeing. I practise a client centred, holistic and multi-dimensional approach which includes hypnosis, TFT, NLP, CBT, counselling and coaching. I am a mother of three and have 14 years of experience of working with children as a teacher, my latter years, at a secondary school where I currently work on a part time basis. It has been a delight to teach my students relaxation and tapping techniques, something they have loved, and it is always a joy for me to see their self esteem and confidence grow and flourish! I am a firm believer in the power of the mind and how we all have inner strengths and resources to enhance and maintain our mental wellbeing. My job is simply to show them the way!

Please feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute phone or Zoom consultation.

Danielle Killick

Location: Reading, Berkshire

Hello, I’m Danielle, a qualified teacher, hypnotherapist and Hypno4Children practitioner. I am also in my final year of a Level 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic counselling practice. I have two children aged 11 and 12 years old, and I am so grateful for them teaching me what it’s like for young people to grow up in our world today. Their energy and zest for life is contagious!

I have worked in primary education for over 20 years and am highly motivated to help children and young people build their confidence, resilience and independence. We live in a fast-paced world and the demands on children and young people are increasing all the time. Maintaining our mental health and wellbeing are so important for everyone, now more than ever, and that’s where I can help.

My passion is helping people of all ages to use strategies and tools to make positive changes, and find the balance when life becomes overwhelming. This can be achieved through using the ‘MINDHACK’ and/or ‘STUDYCALM’ approaches, which encompasses a variety of skills and techniques that can be built into a personalised therapy plan for your child. This could include, learning about the ‘Brain House’ and understanding why we feel overwhelmed sometimes. The use of tapping and breathing techniques for relaxation and addressing those ‘wonky thoughts’. Building a wellbeing toolkit is a fun and creative activity that can be used every day in any situation. Hypnotherapy is a safe and relaxing therapy that can really enhance the positive changes we make together.

The key to this therapeutic work is ensuring the child or teen feels empowered. It’s crucial that they feel they are playing an important role in the therapy and that it’s not being ‘done’ to them. This is a collaborative approach that will help your child make some wonderful and positive changes in their life. I’m very much looking forward to meeting and working with you. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Carla Pearce

Location: Online & Herne Bay, Kent

Phone: 07526 641441

Hi, I’m Carla, I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Tapping and Hypno4Children™ Practitioner based in Herne Bay, and also available via Zoom.
I have a passion for helping young children and teens make positive changes in their lives, so that they can be the happiest, healthiest version of themselves.
Using the Hypno4Children™ framework, I am able to use fun and exciting techniques to inspire young people to focus positively, grow in confidence, and conquer stress and anxiety. These techniques also include the excellent StudyCalm programme for those who need a boost in belief regarding their studies.
If you would like more information on how I can help your young person please contact me for a free chat.

Maggie Fernandez

Location: Online, Dartford, Swanley, Kent

Phone: 07862 250110

Hi, I’m Maggie and I’m a trained Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Hypno4Children practitioner using a combined therapy approach, using TFT, NLP, CBT, to help children within my practise.

I help children from 7 years old upwards to your adults to overcome any anxiety or stress, that they maybe suffering within their every day lives. Supporting them to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

I am a mother of 5 boys and 8 grandchildren, so I understand the daily demands of a day to day family life. I am passionate about helping children to make positive changes in their lives, so they can be the happiest version of themselves.

Using the Hypno4Children framework and Solution Focused based techniques, I will help your child to understand how their mind and brain works, so they can help gain back control of their feelings and emotions. We will have fun during the sessions, and your child can feel calm and relaxed. Helping them to build a wellbeing toolbox so they can cope better with their future.

Please contact me if you require any further information. I offer a free discovery call and initial consultation. Please check my website

Kay Burton
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Location: Southampton, Hampshire

Phone: 07498 895478

My name is Kay, I am a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypno4ChildrenTM practitioner, Autism Ambassador, Rewilding Therapist and youth worker based in Eastleigh. I have worked with children and young people across many therapeutic settings for 24 years, bringing that wealth of experience to my hypnotherapy practice. I hold a full Enhanced DBS certificate.

I treat people aged 4 years and above, specialising in helping children and young people overcome their issues in a safe space, tailored to their individual needs.

Get in touch to discuss how I can help your young person overcome any difficulties, expand their well-being tools and flourish.

Find out more

Phiona Hutton
DipCAH, HPD, PNLP, MNCH(reg),MHS, CHNC (reg)

Location:  Online: Based in Havant Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey and Online.

Phone: 07595 379 774

Hello my name is Phiona and I am a Clinical hypnotherapist based in Havant Hampshire, I work in private practice for face to face sessions and also nationally online. I have worked as a holistic therapist for 20 years and developed my practice with hypnotherapy training alongside, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Breathwork Coaching and IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy. Most recently completing the Hypno4children Practitioner training to deepen my skills to support children in their time of need.

As a mum of three now grown children, I truly understand the complexities that children face as they journey through the younger years and into adolescence, how those feelings and emotions can be consuming and life defining. How, by applying understanding and a therapy toolbox it can be life changing, ego strengthening, self esteem boosting, leading to become more confidant, happy and balanced.

I specialise in anxiety, trauma and depression and how it affects the wellbeing and mindset, which in turn can have a knock on affect to school life, friendships, relationships, exam stress and behavioural issues. Which can be overwhelming for the young person and worrying for the parents themselves. I offer a combination of therapeutic techniques to support children, teens and adolescents to overcome their stress and worries, becoming more in control of their own emotions, positive mindset and wellbeing. I also volunteer as a support worker with a local charity that offers counselling to young people as they navigate their way through the early stages of life.

Please get in touch for a 15 minute free insight call with parents and/or your child to see how I can support you at this time.

Jo Pitkin

Location: Salisbury, Wiltshire and online.

Phone: 07977 695841

Hi there, I’m Jo Pitkin, and I’m here to make a difference in the lives of children as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.

I believe in creating a warm and inviting space where children can feel comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their emotions. Combining the evidence based techniques of cognitive behavioural therapy with the gentle effectiveness of hypnotherapy, I help children understand how our minds work and how they can build a resilience that is right for them, develop effective coping skills, and embrace their unique strengths.

My mission is to support children, and their parents or care givers, and help them navigate their journey towards emotional well-being and happiness, one session at a time.

I offer all potential clients a 20 minute chat to tell you more about how I work and answer any questions. This also offers you the chance to find out if I am someone you and your family would like to work with.

For more details please visit my website or my Instagram jopitkin_cbh where you can hear more directly from me about how I work and testimonials from clients that demonstrate the impact I have.

Chantal Stuart
BN (hons), hyp.dip, NLP pract, EFT Pract, HPD, MNCH, MUKHC MCNHC

Location: Dorset and Hampshire

Phone: 07891558089

Hi I’m Chantal and I am an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypno4Children Practitioner, NLP practitioner, Emotional Freedom Practitioner, Batchelor of Nursing, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, chakra balancing practitioner and Infant Reflexology Instructor who has a great passion for holistic care.

I have worked within the care industry as a nurse and complementary therapist for 20 years with many adults and children and now work as a complementary therapist privately from The Little Room of Calm.

I have a great interest in treating a person as a ‘whole’ considering the mind and body and believe that this multi-faceted approach to care can ensure that people are able to experience the best quality of life possible. I have a flexible integrative approach using a range of therapies including Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and energy healing.

I am a mum of two lovely children myself I have found this journey as a parent to be the most wonderful and equally challenging to date. This led me to train further with Hypno4Children and first and foremost, to use the tools and techniques I learned with my own children. I now practice children’s hypnotherapy as an Accredited Hypno4Children Practitioner and love to teach children, using the MINDHACK programme; a framework that is designed to be able to work with all children to educate them on just how brilliant and clever their minds and bodies are. To understand how our brains work to keep us safe and be able to recognise where and why our brains may have thoughts or feelings that feel big or overwhelming sometimes. When we can understand just how normal this, we can learn how we can work with our brains and bodies, tap into our inner resources and learn tools and strategies to help us manage our thoughts and feelings in any situations we may come across. It is a toolkit for life and can help to build and strengthen positive beliefs and resilience as we learn and grow.

This has greatly benefitted our children and us as a family so far and I am so passionate about helping other children and parents to feel safe, seen, heard, supported and empowered in their journeys together too.

Emma Newman

Location: Middleton Manchester / Online

Phone: 07846966202

Hello, it’s Emma Newman here. Please let me introduce myself.

I’m 42, premenopausal, married, mummy of 2, a 4yr old girl and 6yr old boy. I’m also a fur mummy to 2 cats and a puppy.

I am a breast cancer survivor, dyslexic, bit daft, but super knowledgeable in my field of work as a therapist.

I use solution focused hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in my sessions to help my clients. I help children as young as 4 to teenagers age 18 I have been helping with children’s (and adults) mental health for over 10 years, however I have refreshed and updated my training with the wonderful Hypno4Children teaching program to give me even better tools and knowledge to specifically help children. I love their approach and tools to helping young minds and enjoy using these in my sessions- breath works, StudyCalm, Tapping techniques and MINDHACK programme!

I work from my parents lovely conservatory in Middleton which is handy for people from all over the area and even further afield because I’m only 5 minutes from the motorway. I also have online sessions, which is a really easy and accessible way of receiving excellent therapy!

I have a 5-star Google and Facebook rating. In my spare time I love having my nails done and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

I am warm, welcoming, bit dizzy (get my words muddled up), knowledgeable and love helping people, especially children, as their imagination and thoughts are amazing!

Jess Dawes
Mindful Healing Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Location: Located in Forbes, NSW, Australia; and Online

Phone: 0436 307 866

Jess Dawes is a dedicated Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, located in Forbes, NSW and offering online services. Jess takes pride in being the first Australian  accredited practitioner to be a part of the Hypno4Children community.

With a solid foundation in Psychology and a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, and a background of many years of working in a professional capacity with children and young people, Jess is on a mission to enhance the mental well-being of children and young individuals. Her approach is rooted in empathy and a genuine desire to help.

Jess specializes in using hypnotherapy and psychotherapy techniques  to address common childhood issues such as anxiety, fears and phobias, confidence and self-esteem, bedwetting, stress, study and exam anxiety, sleep issues, eating issues, anger management and depression in young clients. Her focus is not just on symptom relief but on equipping young minds with valuable tools for resilience and emotional growth.

Jess is passionate about supporting young people to build the foundations of  mental wellbeing and a healthy emotional life, so that they can overcome the many pressures faced by teens and children today. Jess provides a supportive and safe environment and tailors her approach to the needs of the child, meeting them where they are at to create individual solutions for each and every child.  By using the MINDHACK system and Study Calm program, we can work together to build each and every child’s wellbeing toolbox in a fun and creative way.

With a commitment to transformation through therapy, Jess can help Change Your Mind – Change Your Life.

Ashling Coxon

Location: Online, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Phone: 07854 628 568

Hi my name is Ashling, I’m a qualified Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist (DSFH, HPD (MNCH Reg) and a Hypno4children practitioner based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Connecting and working with children is my field of expertise. I help them to develop a positive mindset and build resilience to overcome life’s challenges. I use a combination of different therapeutic approaches such as Psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Tapping, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology / Coaching and Hypnosis.

I believe that the potential for positive change is the essential building block for creating the best possible future for us all. My work with young people is about discovering and growing this potential within them, as well as developing life skills and giving them the tools to help them thrive and overcome any emotional and physical concerns that have been holding them back from living their lives to their fullest.

My sessions are unique in their structure as I incorporate a future-focused, solution-based process which is positive, fun and tailored to my client’s age and individual needs. I use interactive and visual child friendly guides to explain the ‘MindHack’ system which gives them an understanding of how the brain and mind works, why they are feeling the way they are and what tools and techniques I can teach them to help them gain back control of their emotions, allowing them to break-free from self-limiting thoughts and behaviours and build a happy, stable future for themselves.

The Study Calm system can be stand alone or incorporated into sessions to teach young people techniques to boost their academic studies, test or exam performance.

I’m approachable and want the very best for my clients, I have worked with many children and young people who have blossomed into confident, happy, awe inspiring individuals, and I feel very proud to have watched these transformations.

I’d love to hear from you to discuss how I can help your child achieve their full potential.

For more information please contact me either directly or through my website

Simone Polden HPD

Location: Margate, Kent and online

Phone: 07813 282322

Hello, my name is Simone and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypno4Children™ practitioner and Rapid Transformational Therapy™ practitioner. I am also a qualified teacher and mother of three.

Having worked with children for almost 20 years, I have the experience and ability to connect with them on their level in a fun and natural way. I appreciate the joy and wonder of childhood, but at the same time I am aware that children’s emotions can be very intense and they can feel stuck, scared or overwhelmed when dealing with life’s challenges or even when just functioning on a day-to-day basis.

It is my wish that every child knows how precious and wonderful they are but most importantly how powerful they are. My role is to help children realise that they already have all the power within them to solve problems, change their thought patterns and feel confident and happy. Using the Hypno4Children™ framework, I teach children how the mind works and why they feel, behave and think the way they do. I then equip them with a ‘toolbox’ of techniques that they can use whenever they need to. This is all carried out in a relaxed and fun way using stories and images to connect with the child’s imagination and subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for bringing about positive change and can address a wide variety of issues such as anxiety, exam nerves, bedwetting, fears, low confidence to name a few.

Please contact me for a free chat to see how I can help you and your child. I’d love to hear from you.

Gina P. Ross

Location: North London – Rickmansworth & Online

Phone: 07538 812380

Hi, I am Gina, a qualified cognitive behavioural clinical hypnotherapist, NLP and mindfulness practitioner.

I utilise all these methods together with life coaching to help guide children and teenagers into making positive changes in life- to help them be the best people they can be.

I specialise in motivational Hypnotherapy and confidence building.

I also help kids and teens with all manner of issues ranging from exam anxiety and performance,  phobias to habit reduction and pain management.

Formerly a lawyer and a teacher (and a mum of 4 girls ), I have more than 20 years of experience of working with children. I am incredibly hard working and work over and beyond to help the kids and teenagers get the results they are looking for whilst, at the same time, teaching them all the techniques so that they can continue to develop and improve independently of me.

Please contact me for a free chat.

Gerry Budworth

Location: Norfolk and online

Phone: 07586 428 869 / 07907022735

Hi, my name is Gerry and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypno4Children Practitioner based in Norfolk on the coast. I am also CBT trained and previously Nurture based. I am also a Thrive practitioner and lead Family Thrive sessions for a special needs nursery locally.

I recently retired from a pastoral role in school and have over 40 years’ experience of working with children of all ages and needs. When working I was a Special Needs Co-ordinator and Behavioural lead and so have a lot of knowledge in these areas which I am able to draw on when working with children.

Upon retiring I felt I wanted to continue with supporting children and so completed some additional training so I could work from my own space. I have a beautiful therapy room which I have designed making it adult and child friendly. I can also extend my therapy into a garden area if needed.

When working with children I allow myself to be guided by the child’s needs and likes and am particularly keen to work with art and sand tray pictures. I use a range of other strategies and can help a child to establish their own Emotional tool kit to aid them as they grow.

Please contact me for an informal chat or check out my website at Worth Hypnotherapy for more information and pictures.

Many thanks for reading about me.

Fiona Kent, HPD

Location: Basingstoke, Alton, Farnham, Alresford, and Winchester

Phone: 07841 356716

Are you looking for a way to change the way your child thinks, feels or behaves? Are you looking for them to be more relaxed? More calm and confident? To be less overwhelmed and anxious? To release tension, fear, self-limiting beliefs, and sadness? To cope better with the everyday stresses of a chaotic modern life.

I am Fi, of Love Reiki Holistic Healing Therapies, and I am here to help you.

As a mum of 2, I know how difficult it can be to watch your child struggle with their emotions. Lack of self-confidence, anxiety, fears, friendship issues and general worries can all impact on their wellbeing and in many cases the whole family.

My approach is holistic, it considers the well-being of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. My therapy intentions are simple; to light a spark so that children and teens feel happier, stronger, and more resilient across all these levels. With a kind, compassionate and warm approach, I help young people to feel more confident in overcoming problems and in dealing with life’s challenges.

Working collaboratively, I combine a mix of fast acting yet gentle therapeutic approaches (including hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT tapping, EMDR, and reiki) tailored to your child’s evolving needs as we progress together through their healing journey.

All of the therapeutic approaches we use are soothing and calming, designed to help natural relaxation and lower stress levels, to reset and re-balance, and move forward in a more positive and fulfilling way.

I support children, teens, and young people on a one-to-one basis, both in person and online, teaching them tools and techniques that can be utilised outside of sessions to build inner strength, to help bring around positive change in so many different aspects of their life.

In-person sessions are held in The Healing Hut, a warm and cosy shepherds hut in the Hampshire countryside (conveniently located for Basingstoke, Alton, Farnham, Alresford, and Winchester), a safe and calm and soothing space surrounded by nature.

Please get in touch if you would like some help, I offer a free 30 min consultation to chat through your needs.

Caroline Sutton HPD AFSFH RGN

Location: Location Baildon, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Phone: 07900 967108

Hi, I’m Caroline and I am a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, and Hypno4children practitioner based in Baildon, Bradford, West Yorkshire.  Prior to training as a hypnotherapist, I had a long career working as a specialist nurse with children and families within the NHS.

During my nursing career, I worked with a wide range of children, young people, and their families and carers.  My experience combined with my calm and friendly personality means I easily connect with children to establish a level of rapport that allows them to gain the best from their sessions with me.

Hypnotherapy for children is a safe and effective way to help deal with anxiety, fears, and many other childhood difficulties. I am passionate about supporting children to thrive and overcome any issues that are impacting them negatively. Young children have great imaginations and therefore respond extremely well to hypnosis and positive suggestions.

As the parent of two adult children, one of whom has complex needs, I am experienced and committed to supporting all children including those with disabilities including autism ADHD and Learning disabilities. I believe that children and young people with additional needs and their parents and carers benefit enormously from the techniques I use with them. I understand the stress involved in parenting a child with a disability and find this means I build a natural rapport with parents of children with additional needs.

I use a combination of approaches, Solution focused brief therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and tapping to help children and young people conquer stress and anxiety and allow them to be the happiest version of themselves.

Jalva Barranco Hypnotherapist

Location: San Francisco, California-USA

Zoom: +1-415-907-9707

Hi, my name is Jalva, I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist in San Francisco, California-USA.

I work with children and adolescents experiencing all types of issues and neurodiversities in my office in San Francisco and around the world via Zoom.

I am extremely proud and happy to be part of the Hypno4Children Certified Practitioners network and very honored to now be offering the MINDHACK and StudyCalm program in the USA for the first time.

With Hypno4Children programs, I can help children and adolescents build their own toolbox to face all the adversities they may encounter in their life path.

I work in several languages: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese and I can accompany you to better help your children and adolescents to grow up in a more serene and balanced way.

Feel free to contact me for a free 20 minute Zoom consultation.


Janet Mantle Hypnotherapist

Location: Wirral, Merseyside

Phone: 07706 524793

Hi, my name is Janet, and I am a qualified Solution Focus Hypnotherapist, and Hypno4children therapist based on the Wirral, Merseyside. I also offer online therapy too.

My journey with hypnotherapy started when I completed training with The Fertile Body Method and although my experience as a meditation teacher held me in good stead, I wanted to offer hypnotherapy too.

My training in Ayurveda has helped me to gain in depth knowledge on how stress and outside influences have a negative effect on our whole being and preventative health is key.

I cannot begin to tell you how valuable it is to be able to offer Hypno4children and see the results. Children tend to have a thirst for knowledge and by introducing them to relaxation, and self-help tools such as breathing exercises, tapping and using their imagination I can help your child to see things from a different perspective and have a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset.

Sarah Thomson Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

Location:  Scottish Borders

Phone: 07983 565 542

Hi, I’m Sarah and I am a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Hypno4children practitioner based in the Scottish Borders. I run a busy practice from my farm just outside St Boswells.

Prior to training as a hypnotherapist, I was a teacher, Depute Headteacher and latterly Acting Headteacher.

I love working with children, helping them to overcome anxieties, grow in confidence and get the most out of life.

I offer face to face sessions, where young people can visit me in my therapy room on the farm. It’s a lovely calming environment – my pet highland cows often pop their head over the fence to say hello! I also offer sessions online via Zoom.

Joanna Bevis

Location: Southampton and surrounding areas

Phone: 07881 821991

Hi I’m Jo and I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, Hypno4Children Practitioner, and Counsellor operating from my busy practice in Southampton, Hampshire.

I love working with young people, no two sessions are ever the same! I use a mix of creative play, arts and crafts, hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP techniques, and good old-fashioned chatting to help children overcome worries and limiting beliefs, to build confidence and resilience.

Hypnotherapy is very affective for teenagers who can find it so difficult to express how they are feeling and what they are thinking. It allows them to do focused work on their internal worlds in the privacy of their own minds without the added pressure of verbalising their thoughts.

Contact me for a free consultation call to discover how the Hypno4Children programme could help your child or young person.

Victoria Lipinski

Location: North London & surrounding areas

Phone: 07940 381 485

Hi I’m Victoria and I am a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Past life Regression Therapist, Reiki and Hypno4children practitioner based in North London.

I love working with young people, helping them to overcome worries, anxieties, exam stress, grow in confidence and build resilience. I support children, teens, and young people on a one-to-one basis and in groups, both in person and online, teaching them tools and techniques that can be utilised outside of sessions to build the inner strength they need, to help bring around positive change in so many different aspects of their life.

My sessions are unique in their structure and are tailored to my client’s age and individual needs.

Contact me for a free consultation call to discover how the Hypno4Children programme could help your child or young person.

Angie Shearer

Location: North East Scotland

Phone: 07793 713927

Hi, I’m Angie and I am a qualified Professional ACC Coach and PE teacher based in the North East of Scotland with a passion for supporting young people’s mental health and well-being. I have many other accreditations in Positive Psychology, Positive Education, NLP, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy and delighted to become a Hypno4children practitioner.

Young people don’t have to wait until crisis point to get help and support. I help young people proactively build positive mental health and well-being and develop strategies so they can cope better with life’s worries and challenges.

Seeing young people develop in confidence and believe in themselves after a few sessions is incredible. Most sessions are available via zoom however some face to face sessions are available for those that live locally. Get in touch if you think I can help!

Nicola Fielding

Location: Bodmin, Cornwall

Phone: 07701093799

I have been a registered children’s nurse for over 20 years and have experience in a variety of clinical environments. I now work as a lecturer in nursing and have a real passion for teaching the nurses of the future.

Outside of my nursing career, I am a registered practitioner in hypnotherapy with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and energy psychology. I trained in this field after witnessing how effective it is in freeing people of pain and emotional distress and have become a true advocate for its ability to provide incredible results.      

I aim to utilise the world’s most cutting edge techniques to guide children and young people to unlock the power of their subconscious mind to facilitate rapid positive change.

​I will utilise all of my experience and expertise to support your child to build a positive emotional resilience. I offer a safe, judgment free space for all and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Please feel free to call or email for further information about the services I offer and to find out how Hypno4Children can benefit your child.

Yvonne Hannah


Galashiels / Scottish Borders / West of Edinburgh Mid Calder and Online

Phone: 07770535093

Hello and a warm welcome to Y-Hypno, based in clinic space both in the Borders town of Galashiels, and primarily to the west of Edinburgh in Mid Calder.

If you are looking for help to overcome phobia, anxiety, depression, stress, pain management and much much more…you need look no further – get in touch today for an initial chat.

I am a fully qualified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist (Dip.ACHMT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Jikiden Reiki practicioner with specific interest in Hypno4Children (age 6+)

I am passionate about helping clients with all types of concerns, and love to see growth towards client led goals.  I have specifically specialised in Hypnotherapy for children and enjoy working with both children and parents to seek positive behavioural outcomes.

Having had a long career working at executive level in financial institutions (over 27 years) I fully understand the stresses of the workplace.  If you are feeling that stress, or burnout, or you are simply looking for some coaching on behavioural approaches to strengthen your leadership approach, I can help.

Kat Turnbull


East Lothian Scotland & surrounding areas/ online

Phone: 07872 983 459

Hello! My name is Kat Turnbull, and I am a Solution- Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Hypno4Children practitioner. I trained in Hypnotherapy with the renowned Clifton Practice in Edinburgh, one of the most prestigious schools in the UK.

I began studying mental health at The Edinburgh College in 2018, where I obtained a foundation qualification in Counselling. I then ‘jumped ship’ and studied Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, and have never looked back! After training and registration, I joined the Association of Solution Focused Hypnotherapists, and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. All practising members are fully insured and trained to the highest standards, and are held accountable to Parliament.​

I am based at the stunning Cockenzie House & Gardens in East Lothian, Scotland, and I work happily online and in person with children aged 10 and over. I also love working with younger children, but face to face. Cockenzie House is a lovely place to visit, with plenty of space to explore. It overlooks the sea, and I often take Clients out for wellness wanders!​

I am blessed with two amazing and inspiring sons; the loves of my life. They keep my husband and I on our toes, and constantly challenged and entertained. We all live on the beautiful East Coast with our two beloved cats, dog and tortoise called Neep.

I am passionate about empowering young people to learn about, and take charge of their own paths. I want to break down the stigma, and the enigma surrounding mental health, and help children and young adults to realise the power of their amazing brain!

Please get in touch with any queries. I offer a 20 minute chat with parents, and a further 40 minute meeting with the child, all free of charge. It is so important to match the right therapist to Client!

Stephen Mitchell

Location: Online, or Face to Face Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Phone: 07973 735017

Hi, I’m Steve and I am a Clinical Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience working with children.

My sessions are solution focused, interactive and use a variety of different therapeutic tools, in order to encourage your child to be engaged and be involved in the therapeutic process. I work with a variety of different age groups and therefore the sessions are tailored and bespoke to the needs and wants of your child.

Within the sessions I encourage your child to become curious about how their mind works, so they can gain an understanding, insight and appreciation of some of the reasons why they feel, behave and think the way they do.

Prior to training as a clinical psychotherapist and hypnotherapist I had a long career as a teacher, school counsellor, educational consultant and workshop leader. With a background in health and wellbeing education I am particularly passionate about providing children and young adults with a variety of health and wellness tools and strategies so that they grow into confident, resilient, independent individuals, who feel good about themselves and flourish.

As a therapist I am very aware that children experience lots of different emotions and feelings throughout their childhood which at times can be very intense and upsetting. This can often lead to confusion, frustration and a feeling of being stuck. These emotions can be overwhelming and may affect your child’s behaviour in a variety of different ways. These can show up as a  lack of confidence, anxiety issues, anger outbursts, mood swings, and reluctance to engage in normal activities. Through my work I am able to help children to manage and cope better with their emotions and feelings and regain balance in their lives.

My qualifications include the following; NLP Certified Trainer and Coach, Mindfulness teacher, Certified Brain and Behavioural Change Coach, TFT Practitioner (tapping),  Positive Psychology Coach & Hypn4 Children Practitioner Mental Health First Aider.

Please contact me if you require further information and to arrange your free consultation call.


Einir Dwyfor Trimble

Location: Ceredigion and Online

Phone: 07418 374790

As a Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Hypno4Children practitioner, I am dedicated to helping children, using the powerful MINDHACK and Study Calm programme. With 20 years of experience as a full-time special needs teacher, I bring a unique understanding and expertise to my therapeutic practice.

I am passionate about positively impacting the lives of children struggling, through a compassionate and personalized approach, I work closely with each child to uncover their strengths and empower them to overcome obstacles, reduce anxiety, and build resilience.

My bilingual abilities in Welsh and English ensure effective communication and a comfortable environment for families. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of children with special needs, I provide holistic support and create tailored therapeutic interventions.

Choosing me means choosing a professional committed to your child’s well-being and growth. Together, we can create lasting positive change and enhance your child’s emotional well-being. Experience compassionate therapy and bilingual services that make a difference in your child’s life.

Moira Johnston-Weare
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Location: Online and based East Lothian, Scotland

Phone: 07527 271595

Hello, I’m Moira Johnston-Weare, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based in East Lothian, Scotland. I am passionate about providing children, teenagers and young adults with their own bespoke well-being toolkit, to navigate through life’s challenges. This builds resilience and confidence, allowing them to reach their full potential.

I work with children, 5 years and up, teenagers and young adults, dealing with university life and navigating getting their first job.

I use a client focussed approach and adapt sessions to individual needs. For children, I try to use as much play as possible and use humour where I can with all my clients.

If you would like to find out a little more about me please check out my website

Claire Corbett
Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

Location: Rhondda Cynon Taff / online

Phone: 07789 734407

Hello I’m Claire and I’m a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist,  Hypno4Children Practioner and Hypnobirthing Teacher. I’m based in Pontypridd, South Wales but I work online with clients across the country. I’m mum to energetic boy and dog mum to an even more energetic cocker spaniel.

I work with children and young people from age 5 upwards. I am passionate about helping children and teenagers to become their best, happiest, most confident selves and let their inner sparkle shine.

I love seeing the difference hypnotherapy can make to children teenagers, how they flourish and grow in confidence week by week, and the positive impacts it has not only on themselves, but their family, friends, school life and hobbies.

I support children and teenagers to understand what is happening in their mind to trigger these thoughts and behaviours, provide tools to help them cope better and help them on the path to how they would like to be. So, whether it is help to manage anxieties or worries, improving self-esteem and confidence, fears and phobias, exam or other performance stress, I will be happy to chat to you about how the Hypno4Children Mindhack programme can help.


Location: South Yorkshire, home based or Nationwide online session

Phone: 07734760702

Hi, I am Bernadette,

Children can face many challenges as they explore and grow. Some of these challenges can be with attending school, college, uni, changes in the home, illnesses, exams or life where our moods and bodies change, this can create all kinds of issues such as low self esteem, depression, confidence. These can lead us to behave and act out in ways that do not support us well, such as self harming or eating disorders, mood swings etc.

If you feel your child would need support through some issues where they feel they are not coping well then give me a call.

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and a Hypno4Children Practitioner. I have worked with children in various capacities for 14 years.

With my years of work with children I have a good understanding of supporting children from where they are currently at, to supporting them growing into confident young adults.

Sophie Holmes

Location: Wigan, Greater Manchester & Online via Zoom

Phone: 07447500359

Hi! I’m Sophie, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Tapping, and Hypno4Children Practitioner based in Greater Manchester. I work with children aged 4 and above in my therapy room in Wigan and Online via Zoom.

I previously worked as a qualified primary school teacher, in mainstream and SEND settings. I am a passionate advocate for children’s mental well-being, and I’ve always aimed to provide genuine opportunities for every child to thrive.

Transitioning from education to hypnotherapy my aim is to provide unrestricted, holistic support for children. I give my all to those who needed it most, beyond the limitations of a traditional classroom. My personal journey with ADHD, from challenges growing up, late diagnosis, grief, understanding and acceptance, serves as a bridge of connection with many of the children I support. Sharing my story has helped children to connect with someone who understands their struggles, helping them feel understood and less alone.

Through a blend of hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, and tapping techniques, I create a safe and engaging space where children learn about their brains, feelings, behaviours and how to overcome challenges. Whether it’s managing emotions, building resilience, overcoming fears or anxieties, I’m dedicated to helping children develop a positive mindset that lasts a lifetime. Bespoke sessions are designed to be enjoyable and accessible for children of all ages.

If you’re seeking ways to help your child thrive then please get in touch. I offer a free initial 20 minute chat with parents, followed by a brief meeting with your child to ensure comfort and compatibility in our work together. I can’t wait to work with you!

Lisa Pestell

Location:  Online, East Sussex

Phone: 07891 102 341

Hello, I am Lisa and I am a qualified hypnotherapist and trained Hypno4children therapist based in East Sussex.

My manner with children is gentle, positive and kind and I believe that each child is precious and unique. Sometimes, relationships, school life and expectations or traumatic events can impact negatively, leading to changes in behaviour or confidence and self-esteem. I am passionate about supporting children and young people to be happy, confident, resilient individuals.

I bring a wealth of experience of working with children as a primary school teacher, school leader and now as a therapist. Through careful listening to young people and their families I develop a personalised programme, making every session a relaxed, enjoyable, and interactive experience. We will work together to replace unhelpful thoughts and habits and develop tools, resources and a positive mindset to help get them back on track to better mental health.

Please contact me by phone or email if you feel I may be able to support your child or if you have any further questions.

Lindsay Alford
DipCHyp, HPD, PNLP, MNCH (Reg.)

Location: Somerset & online

Phone: 07421368093

Hi I’m Lindsay and I am a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, tapping and Hypno4Children Practitioner in Somerset, UK.  I work with children aged 7+ face to face in Compton Dundon, Wells and online.

Prior to becoming a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I was a software developer for nearly 20 years.  Over the years I felt my passion change from writing the code to helping my clients.

Having experienced traumatic family events and moving to many different schools during my childhood I know what it’s like to be anxious and experience big feelings that I didn’t know what they were.  I am passionate about helping young people learn about their feelings, behaviours and their brains in a safe, comfortable and non judgemental space to build resilience for their future.

Outside of my practice I am a school reader volunteer for my local primary school and a Guide Dog puppy raiser.

Hypnotherapy is not swinging watches and making people cluck like a chicken.  I work with young people to find out what their world is like, help them understand what they are going through and how to make it better.  I have a wealth of tools to choose from and as everyone is unique, I tailor the sessions to the young person and their needs.

I work with children aged 7 all the way through to adults.

If you want to find out more about how I can help, I offer a free 30 minute chat with parents/guardians and then a further free 15 minute online session with your child to see if we are a good fit.  It’s important to find the right therapist to build that trust in order for the therapy to work.

Michelle Falcon
Dip.C.Hyp. HPD, MNCH, NLP (Master Practitioner)

Location: Bath, Midsomer Norton & Paulton (Somerset), Online via Zoom

Phone: 07342 871032

Hi, I’m Michelle, a teacher with over 25 years of experience in coaching children, one-to-one, from primary to secondary school ages. Aided by therapeutic coaching, children (and adults!) can easily learn how to self-regulate emotions and to stop the ‘wonky thoughts’ that contribute to negative states of being. I use an integrated mind-body-breath approach to create positive changes at the physical, emotional and behavioural levels, whilst helping children to install positive beliefs about themselves, because when we do that, it creates both mental strength and autonomous control, enabling children to relax with who they are becoming.

My training in Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, takes best practice from a variety of schools of therapy. I use tools from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), EFT tapping, CBT, Human Givens, Positive Psychology, as well as Hypno4Children Mindhack & StudyCalm, to help empower anxious children and teens, so that they can navigate life in a way which promotes their emotional and mental wellbeing. I offer individual sessions and group wellbeing classes.

Coaching can be used to help a variety of issues from exam stress, anxiety, sleep problems, confidence, low self-esteem, fears, phobias and compulsive habits. Through gentle guided visualisations, stories and solution-focused activities, we explore through the imagination, fun and creative ways to re-train our brain, so that the ‘upstairs’ thinking brain, can communicate in harmony with our ‘downstairs’ emotional and protective brain. Together we create a toolbox of skills and learn about how the brain works, which means these abilities once taught and practised, work not only on the issue you came for, but can be used as skills for life.

If you would like to work with me, then you can contact me for a free chat and we can discuss how individual coaching, StudyCalm and/or wellbeing classes can help you and your child. As a creative and intuitive therapist, I am always guided by your child to work in ways which are best for them.

Back in Tune Coaching

Helen Margaret Hypnotherapy

Location: Whitstable, Faversham, Canterbury and surrounding areas.  Also online

Phone: 07899 676012

Hi, I’m Helen (Helly to my young clients) and I’m a Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist and Hypno4Children practitioner. I use an integrated approach based on my client’s needs.  I combine TFT, NLP, CBT, to help children and young people within my practise.

I help children from 5 years old to teenagers (as well as adults) to manage stress, depression, trauma, anxiety, and phobias. I can support children to return to school, manage exam stress, cope with bullying, bed-wetting or any condition that stops your child from living their best life. Your child will leave me with a toolkit that they can dip into at any point in their young lives to be more resilient and cope with the complexities of modern life.

I have been an educator of adults and young people for 35 years and have a son of my own who I raised as a single parent.  I am passionate about helping children and young people develop tools and skills to manage life, especially in the post-lockdown climate and an overburdened NHS.

At the heart of what I do is explaining the brain, what it does, why it’s not working as we want it, and what we can do to stop it misbehaving!  I make sessions information. I offer a free, non-threatening, fun and lively, drawing upon your child’s strengths and interests to make it a positive and gentle experience.  I am based at Evolution Clinic, Borstal Hill, Whitstable, or can work online.  Please contact me if you require any further information.  I offer a free  introductory call that can be booked on my website:

Cathy Gallagher

Location: West Sussex and online

Phone: 07984 015657

Hi, I’m Cathy and I’m a trained hypnotherapist who is passionate about helping my clients to feel happier. I feel also my particular strength is empathy and understanding for the parents as much as the child.

I’m a mum of three children; at some point they have each had their own struggles. I used to find it so hard to deal with my own feelings  when they were low. You know the saying “You’re only as happy as your least happy child?” Hypnotherapy has helped me personally as a parent; it’s helped me stay calm so that instead of falling down the hole with my child I can remain positive and help pull them out. These experiences as a parent led me to volunteer for Young Minds on the parents’ helpline. This experience has given me a very good understanding of a wide range of problems facing our young people today.

What I love about hypnotherapy is that it gets to the root cause of an issue – the part of the brain where everything is automatic. What I love about Hypno4Children is that as well as the hypnotherapy there are a range of tools that will help build resilience for life. So together this is very powerful.

Celina Quintal-Steytler

Location: Bath & Online

Phone: 07834628442

Hi, I’m Celina.

I have over 30 years of experience working with children and families, and as a mother of two adult sons, I understand the joys and complexities of raising children.

I hold a B.Sc. (Hons) Degree in Occupational Therapy and a Sensory Integration Certification. I have a Diploma in Solutions Focussed Hypnotherapy (DSFH), and I am a Hypno4Children™ and a Tomatis®Sound Therapy qualified practitioner.

I’m passionate about empowering children, teens and adults to conquer their fears and manage their anxieties while nurturing emotional intelligence. I offer a holistic approach, providing a safe space for clients to move away from overwhelm and towards building their confidence and resilience. This ultimately enables them to face life’s challenges more calmly, so that they can participate in all areas of life with greater ease and enjoyment.

Contact me for an initial 15 min free Discovery Call to discuss the best way forward for your child and/or you.

Together, we can explore the best path forward to achieving your goals.

Kate Banks

Location: Cranbrook, Kent and Online

Phone: 07740612099

Hello! I’m Kate, a certified coach and hypnotherapist, and problem-solving is where my magic lies.

Using a blend of therapy and coaching techniques I work with both adults and young people, helping them to let go of unhelpful beliefs, explore new ideas and possibilities, and achieve their goals.

Whether you are a parent looking for someone to help your young person or you want help for yourself, you can expect a safe, nurturing space where we will support your individual needs, challenges and timelines.

We will uncover what is keeping you stuck, explore what it means to be you in your world today, free yourself from limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits, and build resilience and adaptability. We’ll create a bespoke toolbox of techniques, strategies, healthy habits and beliefs to enhance your wellbeing and feel like you can cope with whatever the day throws at you.

If you’d like to chat more, then I’d love to hear from you.

Kathryn Rees

Location: Online only / Face to Face coming soon

Phone: 07920052238

I’m Kathryn, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypno4Children Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, and NLP Practitioner dedicated to transforming your child’s journey with joy and empowerment.  I am based in Devon and offer online sessions.

Imagine your child shifting from anxious and distracted to confident and focused. Together, we achieve this through engaging and effective sessions using Hypnotherapy, EFT, and NLP. Your child will overcome worries, improve concentration, and build resilience.

As a fellow parent, I understand the challenges you face. My expertise helps children conquer anxiety and excel in exams like the 11 Plus, school entrance exams, GCSEs, and A-levels. With childhood anxiety on the rise, early intervention equips your child with lifelong tools for success.

I work closely with both children and parents to ensure a comprehensive approach. My sessions, available face-to-face or virtually, include personalised hypnosis recordings and videos to reinforce progress at home. Let’s unlock your child’s full potential!

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